UBC-TV Announces New Partnership with GlewedTV


UBC-TV, the fastest-growing global, urban lifestyle network in the world, is proud to announce an exciting new partnership with GlewedTV, a wide-ranging streaming platform that will add UBC-TV’s most popular programming to its lineup, dramatically enhancing the audience reach of both networks. CEO of UBC-TV Peggy Dodson says, “I am so excited about launching on GlewedTV. It's the beginning of UBC-TV rolling out on many platforms over the next few months. This is the beginning of great things!"


As a premier Urban Lifestyle Network, UBC-TV offers viewers up-to-the-minute news, top-trending fashion entertainment, cutting-edge business, vital health and fitness, fabulous live concerts, all types of sports, and lifestyle shows to fit every taste and budget. Original content is a cornerstone of the UBC-TV network too, with diverse choices and inclusive programs, in keeping with its vision as a leading multimedia provider. GlewedTV Head Of Acquisition Bryan Rosen expressed his platform’s enthusiasm for adding UBC-TV shows to their lineup. “We are extremely thrilled to partner with UBC-TV Network as a premium partner on GlewedTV,” Rosen stated. “Bringing our audience urban lifestyle content is very exciting in the growth and future of streaming.”


Each UBC-TV offering slated to appear on GlewedTV has broad-based appeal, and a well-established fanbase. These programs include the following, with more great original content on the way:


IT’S A ANT JONES WORLD- It’s A Ant Jones World will give viewers an inside look at Anthony Jones’ life in the entertainment industry. Documented for over 10 years, we follow his journey from club promoter to running his own music festival. Show Type: Docu-series.


LIVE FROM NEXT SOUND STUDIO- This show brings the fans and audience to the hottest independent artists in the USA. Viewers get the opportunity to hear about the artist's life and career as well as see them perform live.


IF THESE WALLS COULD TALK- Hosted by Wendy Stuart and Tym Moss; spills the tea weekly with guests ranging from legendary rock groups, Broadway show performers, personalities and many more. It's upbeat, fun and very entertaining.


CULTURALLY LIT AFRICA- goes behind the music and culture of African independent artists. Think of the show as a live cultural exchange program through the eyes of African musicians.


THE TYRA HILL SHOW- Tyra deals with Real People who deal with real issues. If you are dealing with it, Let's Talk about it.


THE FINAL ROUND- Hosted by veteran boxing host and Golden Gloves champ, Brian Adams; The Final Round is shot in the World-Famous Gleason’s Gym where Brian interviews legendary boxing champions, trainers and others who are in the sport of boxing.


Check out clips of the shows on our website by clicking here, also like our Social Media pages on Instagram or Facebook for up to the minute updates. You can also discover more about GlewedTV here.

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