UBC-TV, the fastest-growing global, multicultural streaming media network in the world, is proud to announce a novel, exciting online destination called UB Social (www.ub-social.com). It’s a place where viewers, subscribers, customers, sponsors, and content creators can explore everything about UBC-TV. In this connective new space, everyone can exchange thoughts and ideas about UBC-TV shows, original content, UBC personalities, and more. At its initial rollout, UB Social features a unique page for each user, including polls, groups, photos, special events, video links and brief clips of UBC-TV programming.  You can experience all that UB Social has to offer by clicking the link and signing up now. UBC-TV founder and CEO Peggy Dodson described UB Social as “an environment where everyone can come together and discuss all that UBC-TV has to offer.”

This engaging social media platform is an essential part of the network’s growth plans. As an integral component of UBC-TV’s shows, branding, concerts, celebrity conversations, and sponsor/partner interactions, UB Social has room for monetized premium content unavailable anywhere else, and high-visibility advertising. The platform is free for anyone to join, and for a nominal subscription fee, there are amazing perks and privileges that offer a special view of UBC-TV and its latest developments. An exclusive VIP Area will give subscribers an inside track to coming attractions, content development, all-access entry to behind-the-scenes vignettes, and news about all your favorite UBC-TV stars!

UBC-TV continues to march forward as the premier urban entertainment network in today’s marketplace, making major strides that mark the platform as an industry leader.  Recently, UBC-TV signed a partnership with Glewed TV, expanding its reach across multiple streaming platforms such as Apple TV, Roku, and Fire TV. With the addition of UB Social to the network’s family, people around the globe will have access to a wide-ranging experience second to none in the online entertainment world.

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