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UBC-TV is doing another first! As part of our rollout, we are launching our own social media platform. We will give you the chance to engage with everything UBC-TV shows and more!! Features, talent and celebrity talks, branded content, and more! It's free to sign up! If you want to know what's happening with UBC-TV, get social with us! Just go to www.ub-social.com and set up your account. 

You can post your photos, and experiences, follow and engage with other users, like, comment, and even share content!

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UBCTV has began its rollout on Glewedtv. It is beginning with 6 original TV series that will feature NEXT SOUND; a show feauturing independent artists, Its A ANT JONES WORLD, IF THESE WALLS COULD TALK, CULTURALLY LIT AFRICA, THE FINAL ROUND AND THE TYRA HILL SHOW.

Each show has its own flavor and appeal and is the beginning of many other debuts.

Check us out on ROKU, Samsung TV, Apple TV ios and android mobile and more.

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